Tirana – Albania 1992-2019 The Book

Luca BrogiPHOTOGRAPHER TIRANA 1992-2019 Street-photography LUCA BROGI: A multi-disciplinary artist Help me raise money to launch my project! You can support the project without a reward by donating even one euro Lucca, Italy WHO I AM I have acquired a good deal of experience in photography and related fields duringContinue Reading


IMAGINARY It is a bit as if the suggestions of the real world were allowed to enter only after being transformed into an abstract experience. Photographic project focused on the power of the fantasy and the imagination.“Photography”, from the Greek words PHOS and PHOTOS light and GRAPHIA from GRAPHOS toContinue Reading

Living material

Luca BrogiPHOTOGRAPHER LIVING MATERIAL IT: Violenza fisica o sessuale sulla donna: in Italia 6.670 al giorno, nel mondo 3.324.200 al giorno. L’Impatto sui bambini è devastante, molti muoiono per causa diretta ed indiretta della violenza, bambini adottati e con possibili traumi psicologici evidenti. La donna come Divinità, Dio è donna.Continue Reading


Instagram @lucabrogi_lasuertesiempre https://www.instagram.com/lucabrogi_lasuertesiempre/Facebook @Luca Brogi Fotografo https://www.facebook.com/lucabrogiphotographer/Galleria d’arte Saatchi https://www.saatchiart.com/lucabrogiSanta Monica, CA 90404, USA Luca Brogi Lucca ItaliaContinue Reading


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People are the world

I would like to photograph the people of all ages and places Instagram Image by @lucabrogi_lasuertesiempreFacebook Image by @Luca Brogi Fotografo Publication on SteemitMy art gallery on SaatchiContinue Reading


THE STREETS OF ART (Old “Art on street”) – is a project to make creativity free and to offer various exhibition spaces for new artists. “ART PHOTOGRAPHY” CIRCUIT“THE STREETS OF ART” #luccaisopen “THE STREETS OF ART” is an artistic project referring to a forms of art in public or privateContinue Reading

The need for a new conscience

Luca BrogiPHOTOGRAPHER THE NEED FOR A NEW CONSCIENCE The project was born to sensitize human beings to a new awareness of what is the power of money and political economic propaganda. Lately I have noticed various tragic news of death, it happens, we all know that life is a giftContinue Reading

Intensive basic photography course

ENDED LUCA BROGI PHOTOGRAPHER Intensive basic photography course Discover the potential of photography, with the start up course / in 4 appointments, 10 full-immersion hours. COMPLETELY FREE In Italian language Length: 3 Friday from 18.00 to 20.00 and 1 Friday from 16.00 to 20.00 The “ArtPhotography” Start-Up Courses expand theContinue Reading


YES I HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIFE Violence against anyone, but especially against women and children, is a violation of human rights, global estimates indicate that about 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced physical and/or sexual intimate violence or sexual violence during their lifetime. 38% of women are killedContinue Reading