The need for a new conscience

Luca Brogi


The project was born to sensitize human beings to a new awareness of what is the power of money and political economic propaganda. Lately I have noticed various tragic news of death, it happens, we all know that life is a gift every day, our future is always unpredictable. Nature itself teaches us that one is born and dies, possibly for old age. When I read some news, and it seems clear to me that the fate of some people, death or injuries in tragic accidents, is not wanted by fate, but it is due to the malfunction of some brains, I get up the pressure and adrenaline . The decisions made by some politician or industrialist, aimed at saving on expenditure or aimed at creating a high monetary gain, in spite of human life, in a modern and evolved society as ours should be, should not be taken into consideration. My contribution is to raise awareness to dig in the news, to seek the truth, but above all I would like to make it clear that we must always be wide-eyed and listen to all the signals that can help us avoid very dangerous conditions. Good life!

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