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Project on the form

Experimental project Luca Brogi PHOTOGRAPHER Project on the form The project was born from my desire to show architectural photography in a different way than usual. The subjects are buildings with architectural forms that stimulate the imagination. Lines, depth and color become iconography, surfaces, contrast. Perspective, light or post-production can give a metaphysical aspect to…

Beachwear shooting

Beachwear shooting with Miriam, Stefania and Cinzia in Palace Pfanner’s garden. Beautiful Day dedicated to fashion and beauty. All shooting places was in suggestive garden of the Pfanner’s Palace in Lucca, that garden was designed by Filippo Juvarra on 1700, perfect example of the Italian Baroque style, a triumph of shapes and colors, a Green…


“Chromotherapy” series. Photographic project focused on chromotherapy research. The vivid and bright color of some materials, objects that recall some aspects and sensations of our unconscious nature. I used the still-life technique to have a neutral and clean background, and diffused light but also controlled to have no shadows but also a slight reflection on…

Tirana – Albania 1992-2019

Luca Brogi

TIRANA 1992-2019


Images of travel in Tirana in 1992, when we breathed the dust of political upheavals, before the establishment of united Europe. Wars and poverty were transforming the landscape and the population. Each person adapts oneself to the world around, creating new ways to face up to the day, to survive.

Luca Brogi

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Fuerteventura island

Travelling in Fuerteventura Luca Brogi photographer I would like to tell you about my trip I took to Fuerteventura and this experience. Fuerteventura is an island that fascinates me, because it is a place with an air of mystery. Fuerteventura is part of Spain, it is located in the subtropical line off of Marocco, and…