Project on the form

Experimental project

Luca Brogi

Project on the form

The project was born from my desire to show architectural photography in a different way than usual. The subjects are buildings with architectural forms that stimulate the imagination. Lines, depth and color become iconography, surfaces, contrast. Perspective, light or post-production can give a metaphysical aspect to what is static.


A psychedelic effect created by duplicating the whole image six times.


The perspective changes on all four sides, while the sky remains on a well-recognizable plane, this makes the perspective distorted.


The shadow that falls on the object determines the depth of the same. The aluminum panel becomes a column superimposed on another.

Reality is mutable if you change point of view


The reflection modifies the perspectives and the metaphysical vision of objects.


The street lighting forms a flock of lights that contrast with the night sky.


Reflected perspective


Collage of images about building’s details.


Observation 2

Light and color transform the exterior frontage of a building into a bitter face that is now resigned to its destiny.


In the common existence the search for a cohabitation is often transformed into an exception.

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