New Artistic Movement – Barcelona 2013

New Artistic Movement

Luca Brogi

Barcelona – 2013

Barcelona is the new artistic city in Europe. Walking down the street, we can capture infinite details or nuances that reflect the spirit of transformation.

Barcelona – Light on white

By a print of “Light on white”

In the center of the city at the corners of the streets or at the bottom of the most hidden alleys, we find surfaces full of history, wooden doors now worn and dug by time, Metals reused multiple times, the metropolis as the re-use of the re-use, the materials become Design.

Barcelona – Temporal woodcut

By a print of “Temporal woodcut”

Barcelona – Suspension

By a print of “Suspension”

Barcelona – Goals

By a print of “Goals”

Barcelona – Multilayer surface 010

By a print of “Multilayer surface 010”

Barcelona – Multilayer surface 012

By a print of “Multilayer surface 012”

Barcelona – Multilayer surface 015

By a print of “Multilayer surface 015”

Barcelona – Multilayer surface 021

By a print of “Multilayer surface 021”

Barcelona – Multilayer surface 023

By a print of “Multilayer surface 023”

Barcelona – Multilayer surface 024

By a print of “Multilayer surface 024”

Barcelona – Multilayer surface 025

By a print of “Multilayer surface 025”

Barcelona – Multilayer surface 027

By a print of “Multilayer surface 027”

Barcelona – In the park

By a print of “In the park”

The ancient is flanked by post-modern, contemporary, always evolving. A city where to take full advantage of the positive energy it transmits. People live the city in symbiosis with the place, the sea, the architecture, the park, tradition and innovation. Full of details, the city makes modernity a sort of temporal mix, and the signs can be found everywhere.

Barcelona – Luck and fortune

By a print of “Luck and fortune”

Barcelona – Stone

By a print of “Stone”

Barcelona – Rounded

By a print of “Rounded”

Barcelona – Become foggy

By a print of “Become foggy”

Barcelona – The sail

By a print of “The sail”

Barcelona – The beach

By a print of “The beach”

Barcelona – Sporting

By a print of “Sporting”

Barcelona – Free time

By a print of “Free time”

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