Luca Brogi Photographer – Monochrome

MONOCHROME is the use of only one color, but in this project the chosen color is black, whole color frequencies. The colored layers that add up create a grayscale that enhances the lines and contours of the flower. Like a lithograph, the flowers show their texture, from the gray come out the characteristics of the flower, like the veins and the details of the pistils.


Flowers on black

By a print “Flowers on black”



By a print “Texture”



By a print “Forest”


Mini flowers

By a print “Mini flowers”


Tree bark

By a print “Tree-bark”


Nature scene

By a print “Nature scene”



By a print “Interlacement”


Nature solarized

By a print “Nature solarized”


Explosion of flowers

By a print “Explosion of flowers”


Flower solarized

By a print “Flower solarized”


Macro leaves

By a print “Macro leaves”


Natural scenery

By a print “Natural scenery”


Geometric leaves

By a print “Geometric leaves”


Orchid 001

By a print “Orchid 001”


Orchid 002

By a print “Orchid 002”


Daisy 1143

By a print “Daisy-1143”


Daisy 1138

By a print “Daisy-1138”


Explosion of white flowers

By a print “Explosion of white flowers”


Fantastic texture

By a print “Fantastic texture”


Instagram Image by @lucabrogi_lasuertesiempre
Facebook Image by @Luca Brogi Fotografo

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