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Project about Nature


Pumpkins are so different from one another. Even their colors are intense and soft. I like to photograph anything about nature, I feel good when I have a contact with the earth and its fruits. This is my life.


White cloud

By a print “White Cloud”

I could start talking about the excellent healing and regenerating properties in its components such as vitamins A and C, beta carotene and others. I could talk about the pumpkin as a result of the aesthetics of the person, in cosmetics it is very used for its properties, I could talk about the Pumpkin symbol of Halloween.
It was nominated by Ariosto, used to make musical instruments, used in the kitchen in traditional rural dishes.

Flat White Boer Van Niekerk

By a print “Flat white Boer Van Niekerk”


Kürbis Golden Hubbard

By a print “Kürbis Golden Hubbard “


Marina di Chioggia

By a print “Marina di Chioggia”

For me the beauty of pumpkin is simply in its being pumpkin. I’m looking to show some different variations. The shape, the brightness of the skin, its colors, give endless possibilities of expression.

White cloud 002

By a print “White cloud 002”



By a print “Jack-o’-lantern”


Jack-o’-lantern blood

By a print “Jack-o’-lantern blood”



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