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Street Photography

Luca Brogi


I met fabulous people, amazing, altruistic and with a sense of very strong interconnection. When I arrived in Sydney I was very sad and depressed because in Italy I was not well, I had no work and no prospects, I decided to leave Italy with few money in my pocket. Arrived in Australia I found a hostel in King Kross, a street that turned out to be very busy, especially at night, with raids by motorcyclists and many people on the street drinking and talking. I came from a very small town where nothing ever happened, to see all this life was already fantastic, it told me that I had entered a new universe, a new planet, but it was always the same world, only the perspective changed, the point of view. Some situations have struck me a lot: when I walked down the street people turned to me saying hello and sometimes, seeing me sad, approached giving me advice on life, as if they were interested in me being happy, they told me “Think that here, to Bondi Beach, there is the sun, the sea and the beautiful women “, I took a while to get into this philosophy of life, but when I discovered it I felt part of the world and I felt strong like a lion, my life changed. Without describing all the reasons why you live well in Sydney, there are many, I would just like to understand how some positive energy can give strength and security to those who have lost the desire to live, sometimes just a word to turn on a new light, which then by collateral effect it will be transmitted to another person, and to another person, and so on, engaging a positive movement to infinity. The world needs everyone the same way, anyone can give a small contribution, the important thing is that the contribution must be positive and above all altruistic and loving. Hatred, envy, greed, arrogance produce only destruction and desolation, a world that I do not want to see, a world from which I prefer to escape. Love, now is always with me, and makes me see a new road, full of fantastic possibilities, I can do what I want, with love for the human being, whoever he is, of any color or social class, the ‘important is that I do not want to destroy, otherwise I will fight until death to assert my rights as a living being that loves.

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