Loneliness – Luca Brogi Photographer


Luca Brogi


Photographic project focused on solitude in a contemporary urban society.

In a modern society we worked to make the human being more autonomous, the heart of the family, which had always been the place where values ​​and certainties were handed down, today has crumbled, the new condition is being independent, self-sufficient, but also attentive to the competition to be stronger towards the other human being that we can find in front of us, the villain to eradicate.

This attitude leads to a forced isolation from which we no longer manage to move away, to go back is not contemplated, it would be a defeat.
The words of Zygmunt Baiman “liquid modernity” can be found everywhere in the contemporary era, the incessant change, devoid of moments to consolidate new institutions, causes instability, uncertainty.

Globalization with open borders has created a centralization of indispensable services, for example, bringing the human being to need the means to move crumbling away those small structures of coexistence and proximity to destruction. Just think of how many people use the television screen to take refuge at home and not have deep and authentic relationships with anyone. We can also talk about the most widespread technologies that use social media as a worldwide network of psychological abduction, those of us who do not have virtual “friends”, but there are those who have more, but even more, and so to infinity , this change has produced a new pathology, technoauthism. All this creates “mass hermits”. What the totality causes is the formation of a concept that is nothing short of tremendous, mass isolation, which goes in parallel with the concept of the production of human waste; from the words of Bauman “Freud said that society pays the need for security with less freedom”.
The causes of solitude are many, family, neighborhood, party and church have dissolved, certainties no longer exist, media information confuses good with evil, and grows the feeling of impotence and failure.

In all this we also put the austerityf to create havoc; it was enough for me to read for free on Wikipedia to understand that it is not adequate to grow a nation, but rather creates economic inequality, social conflicts, unemployment, recession.

But perhaps it is good for nations to do so, as the human waste increases to give an example of leadership towards “the enemy !!!”, as our political leader teaches us.

Luca Brogi



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