The elements for life – Luca Brogi Photographer

Photography Art – Project about our origins

Luca Brogi

The elements for life

Volcanic land and water

Materials and minerals

With these images I would like to sensitize consciences towards a deep love for our unique and non-replaceable planet.

Wherever we can find the elements that have characterized the origin of life, but in some places it is like seeing the planet earth in the past, in a period of the geological era in which the ideal conditions were formed for the first multicellular, our ancestors. The volcanic earth is magma cooled and volcanic ash solidified, these elements in contact with water create a fertile environment for the lives of human beings. The fluid rock expelled from the cauldron of the center of the earth, or from a submarine volcano, becomes the fertile land where to give birth to new life. The volcano as a source of important chemical elements, as a hydrothermal source, and source of heat, conditions that gave rise to life on earth, together with the element of water.

The great volcanic eruptions unleashed by immense forces, have always created new scenarios, with their heat, and the minerals they emit, have contributed to the formation of water 4.5 billion years ago, an element that was then indispensable, together with the sources of heat, to start the long process of the birth of the first living cells 3.5 billion years ago.

The fundamental elements, such as hydrogen and oxygen are present everywhere, but also silicon, phosphorus, iron, carbon, mineral salts, and many others, all necessary because we living beings, as very complex multicellular organisms , we can live, breathe, but above all draw the energies that our body asks of us. We are truly complex human beings and we need many specific substances to create as many electrical or chemical reactions in our bodies to maintain our life force.

In order to create life, catastrophic events were indispensable, now we could make great changes in knowledge and conscience, to defend our planet and consider it part of us, fundamental for us, we should speak of self-awareness and self-awareness, but above all of a social intelligence and cognitive empathy.

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