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Portraits on Photographic book printed by Amazon

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A self-taught and self-promotion business project at cost zero with HIGH PROFIT

With the freeware software Scribus I paginated the book, with Amazon’s Kindle Create I created my first eBook photo book. Later I also made the paper version, and now also with hard cover.

After the first two months with limited sales, a period began with continuous purchases, almost daily, of the various book models: Ebook, paper book, reading of the pages in the KDP Select project.
The sales trend is now around € 20-30 per month.

Excellent result.

Instagram Image by @lucabrogi_lasuertesiempre
Facebook Image by @Luca Brogi Fotografo
My art gallery on Saatchi Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA Monica, CA 90404, USA

Luca Brogi Lucca Italia