THE STREETS OF ART (Old “Art on street”) – is a project to make creativity free and to offer various exhibition spaces for new artists.

“THE STREETS OF ART” #luccaisopen

“THE STREETS OF ART” is an artistic project referring to a forms of art in public or private places, but still accessible and visible from the street.
Most disparate techniques: photography, artistic stickers, normographic art, graffiti, video projections, sculptures and more, The street is the place where we have mostly experience cultural interaction and where we can interact directly with art.
The project calls for institutions, companies and individuals to request free exhibition spaces for art.
It is a project to make creativity free of charge, to offering various exhibition spaces to new artists.
Whit this project, even the most anonymous and forgotten corners of cities can become something special, to be re-evaluated and transformed into an attraction, capable of snatching a smile from us.
Institutions, companies or individuals who agree to make space available may request a written agreement. The contract form is visible on the channel website.
A photograph of that places will be published in the social networks of the exhibition channel and in Google Maps in the relative position of the host place. Both from social networks and from Google Maps you will be able to see where the work of art is placed, this brings the person directly into the street and specifically to the host place.
“THE STREETS OF ART” exhibits art with the permission of the Lucca Advertising department office.

Photography and artistic adhesives

Photographs can be printed on paper, on removable adhesive, or on any other material, and then applied inside the showcase or on an external surface.

Stencil art and graffiti

For this sector the artist will need a surface to paint.

Video projections

For this sector the artist will need a surface.


For this sector the artist will need a space (even minimal, the sculptures can also be small) where the sculpture can be positioned.

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