LAMIERA – Photographic print applied on metal sheet 47×97 cm

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Photographic print applied on metal sheet.

Abstract still-life photographic project


It is a bit as if the suggestions of the real world could only enter after being transformed into an abstract experience.

Photographic project focused on the power of fantasy and imagination.

Photography”, from the Greek words PHOS and PHOTOS light and GRAPHIA from GRAPHOS to draw, translated: writing with light. In digital processing, with the use of post-production, it is possible to obtain burnt images if digitally modified by distorting the subject of the photograph, burning the chromatic levels to obtain a new light and new colors that I like.

Registration of a collaboration between light and non-static matter. Digital processing can create an illusory world, which my mind wants to see beautiful, it is my need. By combining the paper support of the printed image with an equally changeable material, I want to see its transformation, without taking away the beauty, if beauty is also in the change.

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Size: 47x97x1,5 cm

Weight: 2.6 kg

Photographic print applied on metal sheet. The printed surface is UV resistant, a protective varnish has been passed on all surfaces.

Edition 1 of 2. Author’s certificate with pair of holograms, signed and numbered work.

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With the collaboration of

Schools Le Dame – Lucca – Non-profit cultural association

LE DAME SCHOOLS” is a multidisciplinary studio of photography, design, video, art prints, paintings, installations and sculptures.

Instagram @lucabrogi_lasuertesiempre

Facebook @Luca Brogi Photographer

Saatchi Art Gallery Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA

Luca Brogi Lucca Italia

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Weight 4 kg
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