People are the world

These are some photographic portraits made in various places, portrayed in a single shot to represent the essence of the human being.

People are the world is a photographic portrait project.

The subjects are people I meet on the street who I ask if they like to help the project, there at that time, in that place.

The images are posted in instagram https:/// without making any distinction of any kind between the people portrayed.

The images are on sale on the website to raise funds for non-profit association for multimedia visual arts “Le Dame Schools“.

The project involves telling a place through people, when I go in a street I meet people living there, or in any case, people who have been there. The images are printed on paper and displayed in the same street, with respect for the property. The photo prints have a qrcode pointing to an instagram page where you can find all portraits, in this social you can view the link which refers at this web page, where there is a wider description of the project with all updates. The proceeds will be donated to no-profit association “Le Dame Schools”, the prints can be kept by those who give availability for the exhibition space.

All the portraits displayed will be published on the website with the google maps geo-location of the exhibition point, also it’ll be shared in various social , such as, https///, facebook, https:///, in other social networks that participate in this project or help “Le Dame Schools”.

I ask for a small contribution for print, not obligatory, because this project was born to help the Association non-profit “Le Dame Schools” to open a free Multimedia Visual Arts School.

Any city or neighbourhood can apply to The photo sessions can also be organized, in the street or in social environments such as bars or rooms used for meeting and socializing and sharing.

Print your portrait

Your portrait that you can share or download or to print

By buying a Fine Art Print you can contribute to the opening of a Free School available to all people. Thanks

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the association “Le Dame Schools“, “Le Dame Schools” will send you the documentation of the receipts of payments made to be submitted for the donation deductio.

If you want a Fine Art print of your portrait. Click on your photo and choose the format. Only you can request the press because you will be contacted for confirmation to the contact you left to Luca Brogi when he made the portrait. You will be sent the request to confirm and then you will receive the Fine Art Print signed by the author and unique copy at the address you will give.


Search for your portrait and click on the photo to select the print format you prefer

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