Sydney 1998 – Street Photography

Street Photography

Luca Brogi

Sydney – 1998


Sydney 1998 Senza Titolo-270

By a print of “Sydney 1998 Senza Titolo-270”


Sydney 1998 Senza Titolo-72_2

By a print of “Sydney 1998 Senza Titolo-72 2”


Sydney 1998 003 2

By a print of “Sydney 1998 Rave 003 2”


Quality Art printed.

Hansen Extra Matte 200 g/m²

Opaque paper with extra-matte surface and velvety to the touch.

You get intense colors and deep blacks and is ideal for art photography and the artistic edition.
It guarantees the conservation requirements required by museums and art galleries and complies with ISO 9706 standards.

Hansen Glacier Satin 270 g/m²

Cool, satin surface. Hansen Glacier Satin is a paper made of alpha cellulose fibre, acid-free, coated with polyethylene and a microporous colour receiving layer.

DIGIGRAPHIE Certificated*

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