Real Collegio Lucca Exposition on 27 December

In mostra al Real Collegio Lucca dal 27 Dicembre 2022 al 8 Gennaio 2023

Hours 10:00/12:30 - 16:00/19:30

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It’s important to understand that the beauty of the human being is intrinsic, you just have to feel in balance with yourself and with nature.

20 works for a reflection on the use of photography

Work carried out using printed photographs and
mounted on various flat and three-dimensional materials

Can photography be an object to be used in its three-dimensional form?

In my opinion yes, since you can print on various materials, what becomes if not an object with its own shape and surface.
If I then apply it to other materials I can give it a different look more palpable, weighable, consistent.
I can give it linearity or three-dimensionality, I can apply it to a support with its physical material dimension; I can break the “subject” cutting the print, up to stimulate visual perception for a mental reconstruction of the image and create a relationship of interaction, not only with the subject itself of the image, but also with the shape of the support.

Some of the works on display

UNFACE – 2020


AQVA – 2019