Intensive basic photography course



Intensive basic photography course

Discover the potential of photography, with the start up course / in 4 appointments, 10 full-immersion hours.


In Italian language

Length: 3 Friday from 18.00 to 20.00 and 1 Friday from 16.00 to 20.00

The “ArtPhotography” Start-Up Courses expand the range of the offer with the programming of the new BASIC-INTENSIVE COURSE, in an intensive introductory version: 4 days / 10 hours in: theory and practice of fundamental techniques, outdoor and in-room shooting pose (still-life), specifically designed to allow you to discover the potential of digital photography with the best professional equipment.

4 days of full-immersion lesson, to learn and learn to use cameras, understand how to set up a photo shoot and acquire the basic techniques of photography.

The course also wants to be an incentive to see photography as a powerful means of expression to narrate a life story or exalt an object.

It is a course that also in this light formula clearly defines the line between artistic photography, for which the photographer is mainly required a good creative ability, and advertising photography, by nature bound to the expression of specifications characteristics, in line with the needs of the client, which requires a very high level of technical skills in addition to personal skills.

The 4-week Start-Up Photography course – 10 hours / 3 lessons of 2 hours each and a 4-hour lesson – is free, it’s completely free.

Everyone can participate in the Start-Up Photography course. No qualifications are required or a minimum or maximum age limit has been set.

The objectives

The aim of the course is to introduce and test the methods and means currently used in the field of professional photography in the outdoor and in the hall. Students will prepare themselves for the use of natural light, Flash and digital illuminators, the use of various optics and different DSLR cameras, with a base to be able to realize their own photographic project.


2019: Friday 22 November 18:00-20:00 – Friday 29 November 18:00-20:00 – Friday 6 December 18:00-20:00 – Friday 13 December 16:00-20:00


The course will take place at “NECCHI BAR” Via Giacomo Puccini, 1411 – Porcari – LU

For the external practical part more detailed information will be given during the course.


Digital or mirrorless machine with Memory Card

Optics between 18 and 80 millimeters

Charged batteries and charger

If you do not have any equipment, you will have the “ArtPhotography” equipment on which to practice.

Registration – Information

For registration or any other doubt you can contact the following addresses:

phone: +39 3334289139 (Luca Brogi)


The method

The method involves four lessons both indoors and outdoors, with Photographer Luca Brogi. Participants have the “ArtPhotography” equipment at their disposal.

Day 1

01.1 Theory: very brief introduction to photography

  • The Camera, from analog to digital, limits and possibilities
  • The basic equipment and the installation room
  • Language

01.2 Theory: light

  • Natural light and artificial light
  • The electromagnetic spectrum
  • Primary colors and perception
  • Spectral composition and color temperature
  • The white point balance: meanings and interpretations

01.3 Theory: perspective

  • Perspective perception
  • The discovery of perspective and its evolution
  • The dark room and the pinhole
  • Accentuate and dilute the perspective lines
  • Detached wide-angle view
  • Spatial temporal perception

01.4 Theory: exposure

  • Exposure meters and their use
  • Mutual couplings and lack of reciprocity
  • Techniques and assessments in exposure calculations
  • Compact and digital SLR
  • Manual skills and automatisms

Day 2

05 Laboratory: The Still-life set

  • Compose
  • The right shooting distance
  • Opaque and glossy objects.
  • Different materials and light
  • The basic techniques
  • Making a click

Day 3

06 Laboratory: the subject

  • Face-body-perspective
  • The light in the portrait and in the beauty shoots
  • Portrait and fashion

Day 4

04.1 Exterior / Laboratory: street-photography

  • How to behave in the street
  • Equipment
  • The laws to be known
  • Outdoor photo practice
  • Connection and interaction

04.2 Presentation / Archiving: the project

  • Image selection
  • Archiving
  • Assembly in sequence
  • Examples of post production on some images taken
  • Critical reading of the final images


Born in Lucca on 6 January 1967


Dedicated and energetic Photographer with experience in custom and specialized photography. Competent at capturing high quality images and organizing materials for photoshoots while displaying confidence and professionalism at all times. Conversant with different types of photography including fashion, commercial, industrial, and videography. Well-versed with advanced photography equipment and tools. Managed work sites in terms of equipment set up and other logistics.


He gained a good deal of experience in photography and relative fields, during her career. His target is working with a team, doing a good job with love for detail.


Responsible for production of monthly 20+ page sales catalogs, providing copy, editing, proofreading, and art direction, for important private company with 60 employees.

Liaised and maintained strong relationships with executive staff in editorial, interactive, and marketing departments for catalogs quality assurance.

Advertising placement and coordination of print advertising, and outdoor advertising.

Collaborate daily in one-on-one discussions with Account Managers, Copywriters, Editors, Creative Directors, To prioritize, problem solve and update project status.

Managed resource allocation to ensure quality expectations of the final deliverable.

Managed the creation and production advertising materials ranging from flyers to full line catalogs and trade show material.


Highly professional experience in photography and related field.

Knowledge of photographic techniques such as lighting & composition.

Experience in Product – E-commerce photography and in a Studio environment.

Photography, Graphic Design, Video Editor. Ability in using Canon EOS Utility, Photoshop, Premiere, Openoffice, Scribus, Digital Photo Professional 4, Acrobat. Platform Windows.


Technical Institute “G. Galilei”, Viareggio

“DAMS” University studies, Bologna

“Modern school of Photography”, Sydney


1987-1994 Hotel Eden, Lucca – (Worked for to pay my studies in photography) Assignment: Housekeeping Manager, Chef de Parties, Front Desk Clerk, Hotel Management, Kitchen Hand, Reservations Team.

1991-1994 Cafe Garibaldi, Lucca – (Worked for to pay my studies in photography) Assignment: Bar management.


Luca Brogi is a photographic artist based in Italy. He is always passionate for photography, like a job and researching aesthetic communication too, during his travels he found inspiration for his research about the relationship between the society and how that is interpreted, through 1980 to today.

He started to photographing using developing and printing black and white films making all photographic developments mixing the basic chemical elements, getting experience with every type of camera 35mm, medium format and optical bench. Afterwards he moved into digital processes, now at the center of his practice, without using post-processing in the most of the time, except in special cases. His research is concentrated in the relationship between perception and reality, between illusion and truth, shooting materials and surfaces revealing details of a distorted reality. He photographs people and places capturing its social interactions.

Luca Brogi started taking pictures when he was young, he was been travelling in many countries of the world (Sydney, New York, Athens, Eastern countries, North Africa, London, Barcelona), but especially in his native country, the Italy.

Working in photography, with the study and research, he gained experience as an experimental photographer, in a wide range of styles and services: commercial photography, still-life, advertising and fashion photography, reportage and street-photography.

Born in 1967 in a town in the province of Lucca, by a peasant family. Growned by three important figures in his life, his mother, his grandmother and his sister, with whom he shared the period of adolescence full of changes. Luca Brogi has radicalized a strong desire to record and document, as a sort of obsessive inner search. At the age of 8-9 he practiced with a small ZIMMERMANN camera. In 1979 with his first 35mm COSINA CT-1 camera he recorded family moments on vacation and in home life.

In 1992 he went to the “DAMS”, University of Bologna in the field of artistic disciplines, in a period in which the city thrilled with changes and political agitation. A city where he found the first professional assignments as a stage photographer with the academic professor “Giuseppe Liotta”, an important figure in the Italian Theatre. He also knew Luciano Nanni, professor on discipline of aesthetics, and Italo Zannier “History of Photography”, that left an indelible mark in the Luca Brogi’s vision of the photographic art.

In 1995 he moved to Milan where he acquired highly professional experience in the field of fashion and design photography, working with internationally famous photographers, like: Andrea Marchionni, Malena Mazza, Douglas Ordway and Sofia Riva, and in highly specialized photographic studio such as the “Superstudio1” of Fabrizio Ferri.

In this period, as well as having improved his skills in lighting advertising and fashion photography, he made his first professional works collaborating with “Luigi Grasso” Project Manager Milan, “Goigest” Milan, “Sony Music” Milan. From Milan to Tuscany always travelling for maintain professional and artistic collaborations with: “Benvenuto Saba”, “Brigitte Nielsen”, “Costume National”, “Zeno Sorini”, “Gabrio Staff”, “Montani” Designer, “Giorgio White” Stylist.

Recently he has worked as a responsible photographer in projects for some important Italian companies such as: “Valori Magazine”, “Family”, “Slim spa”, and abroad: “Marco Mannozzi Make Up”. His works have appeared in several publications, both nationally and internationally, such as “GQ Italia”, “Domus”, “Estetica”, “Mucchio Selvaggio”, “Rockerilla”, “Cinema Sessanta”, “Orologi & Market”, ” Il Mare e la Marina “,” Valori Magazine “……

In addition to photography, his experience ranges from video to strategic communication and marketing planning with print production.

Now he devotes himself to a search for visual communication, using various types of languages and expressive forms of contemporaneity, projects designed to narrate the situation in real time. The use of various materials and the use of structures for making installations is the artist’s current commitment.


June 1996, Hegestraße, Potsdam, Germany, August 1998, Wardour Street, Soho, London, September 2000, “Colour”, Bastioni di Porta Nuova, Milan, February 2004, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, January 2016, Lucca, Italy, May 2016, “Retrospettiva”, “Foro Boario” Lucca, Italy, May 2017, Puerto del Rosario, Las Palmas, Spain, July 2017, Lucca, Italy, September 2017, Lucca, Italy, May 2018, Puerto del Rosario, Las Palmas, Spain, August 2018, Lucca, Italy, February 2019, Lucca, italy, March 2019, Lucca, Italy, April 2019, “Villa Borbone”, Viareggio, Lucca, Italy, May 2019, “Millennium”, Lucca, Italy, July 2019, Arles, France, August 2019, Tirana, Albania


“Luigi Grasso” Project Manager, “Goigest”, “Sony Music”, “Benvenuto Saba”, “Brigitte Nielsen”, “Costume National”, “Zeno Sorini”, “Giorgio White”, “Andrea Marchionni”, “Malena Mazza”, “Douglas Ordway”, “Sofia Riva”, “Intel”, “Marco Mannozzi”, “Modena City Ramble”, “Murphy & Nye”, “O’ Next”, “Davide Montani”, “Fashion”, “Ciuste”, “Guido di Riccio”, “Mirco Tomei”, “Claudia Ciuti”, “Beta”, “Gabrio Staff ” (Wella), “Gemini Communications Editoriale”, “Claudio Sanfilippo” (Mama Records), “Giorgio Gaber”, “Soluzioni chimiche” (Sony Music), “Un monde de la sculpture international”, “Palatrussardi”, “Wella”, “Saul” di Giuseppe Liotta, “Angelica infuriata” di P. Paoletti, “Versilfungo”, “Baciami Versilia”, “Campionato Italiano Fuoristrada Trial”, “Ferrari Club”, “Campionato italiano stagionale Nautica”, “Twiga beach”, “Fpyacht”, “Gardenia” , “Palaghiaccio”, “Subbuteo”, “Zeugo”, “Visionlight”, “Douglas”, “Argus”, “Externa”, “Marine Store”, “Pastificio 00”, “Prenatal”, “Tecnomar”, “Attpagany”, “MMT500”, “SLIM SPA”, “Family”, “GQ Italia”.

Porcari 11/2019