Angel Akin Matt Akin is a young artist, he lives in africa and italy, working on street. Akin does notContinue Reading

IMAGINARY It is a bit as if the suggestions of the real world were allowed to enter only after beingContinue Reading

Luca BrogiPHOTOGRAPHER LIVING MATERIAL IT: Violenza fisica o sessuale sulla donna: in Italia 6.670 al giorno, nel mondo 3.324.200 alContinue Reading

Instagram @lucabrogi_lasuertesiempre @Luca Brogi Fotografo d’arte Saatchi Monica, CA 90404, USA Luca Brogi Lucca ItaliaContinue Reading

I would like to photograph the people of all ages and places These are some photographic portraits taken in variousContinue Reading

THE STREETS OF ART (Old “Art on street”) – is a project to make creativity free and to offer variousContinue Reading

Luca BrogiPHOTOGRAPHER THE NEED FOR A NEW CONSCIENCE The project was born to sensitize human beings to a new awarenessContinue Reading

YES I HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIFE Violence against anyone, but especially against women and children, is a violation ofContinue Reading

Luca BrogiPHOTOGRAPHER The colours in nature Photographic project focused on chromo-therapy research. The color and the surface of some materials,Continue Reading

Luca BrogiPHOTOGRAPHER Surreal World A blurred or soft photograph of imaginary environments stimulate our unconscious. Instagram Image by @lucabrogi_lasuertesiempreFacebook ImageContinue Reading

Street Photography Luca Brogi PHOTOGRAPHER New York Image Quality Art printed. Cotton Paper Verona 240 g/m² Image printed with Epson ULTRAContinue Reading

Street Photography Luca BrogiPHOTOGRAPHER Sydney I met fabulous people, amazing, altruistic and with a sense of very strong interconnection. WhenContinue Reading

Experimental project – World Luca Brogi PHOTOGRAPHER Project on the colour The project was born to experiment how the color,Continue Reading

Les Rencontres de la Photographie 2 July – 23 September Arles49th Rencontres d’Arles. A space where to travel through timeContinue Reading

Luca Brogi Architectures

Experimental project Luca Brogi PHOTOGRAPHER Project on the form The project was born from my desire to show architectural photographyContinue Reading

“Chromotherapy” series. Photographic project focused on chromotherapy research. The vivid and bright color of some materials, objects that recall someContinue Reading

Beachwear shooting with Miriam, Stefania and Cinzia in Palace Pfanner’s garden. Beautiful Day dedicated to fashion and beauty. All shootingContinue Reading

Travelling in Fuerteventura Luca Brogi photographer I would like to tell you about my trip I took to Fuerteventura andContinue Reading

Fuerteventura is magic Thanks to the staff for the realization of this project Instagram Image by @lucabrogi_lasuertesiempreFacebook Image by @LucaContinue Reading